Several health tips for first-class care

Several health tips for first-class care

Foreigners also need to apply moisturizer and sunscreen on weekdays.

When wearing a turtleneck sweater in winter, wear a cotton turtleneck inside to avoid friction with the collar.

When massage for high blood pressure at night, a massage cream with whitening effect can be selected to reduce the pigmentation of the neck lines.

  It is best to choose a natural neck mask with marine essence or Chinese herbal medicine ingredients. In addition to moisturizing the remaining skin, it can also reduce the formation of wrinkles, delay the aging and restore skin elasticity.

It is best to add a layer of milk to achieve the effect of a moisturizing film.

  When the plasma and double free radicals are fatigued, apply warm towels for two minutes to increase blood circulation.

Do not use too hot water to bathe the skin, which may irritate the skin and cause neck wrinkles.

  As women age, their wrinkles begin to increase like annual rings, deepening, and even looking young, but often revealing the secrets of age.

Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, shortening the water shortage is more serious, the skin easily becomes rough, and aging occurs.

So, women who love beauty should start paying attention to your merger early and take good care of it!

  Restoration Restores the smoothness and smoothness of the skin over the years, the corrected skin no longer looks as smooth and smooth as it was when young, and the superficial fine lines and wrinkles begin to increase and appear rough.

At this time, some necessary cosmetic measures have to be taken, some “laser grinding”.

  According to plastic experts, laser grinding originates from the 1990s.

In fact, the rough or fine wrinkles of the skin can be handled by laser grinding. Laser grinding can precisely control the depth of the target tissue removal, complete fine wrinkle, stimulate the skin’s elastic fibers, and tighten the skin.Light wrinkles disappear.

Laser grinding occasionally causes pigmentation in the skin, but this pigmentation usually disappears within six months.

  Reduce the skin of the filamentous mite mite is more delicate, and it is the easiest to ignore, and some habitual habits often cause damage to the skin.

For example, rubbing vigorously during bathing will cause scaling, dryness, and fine lines on the skin, especially the appearance of small cuts that are not visible to the naked eye, often the cause of the formation of filament-like spots like beads.

  Professional beauticians believe that corrective skin care is divided into two parts: life care and professional care.

Life care must first pay attention to the details of life, and must not cope with rough measures. Carefully choose a neck cream or neck mask specifically designed for placement.

This kind of skin care products cannot be effectively exercised due to the correct platysma muscle, and it is easy to lose elasticity. Special attention is paid to increasing the skin elasticity here, which can make it very effective in protection. Professional care is to go to the beauty salon and use corresponding equipment to makeThe recovered skin is exercised to keep us upright and beautiful.

  Erase the horizontal stripes on the neck. The most common situation most people experience is that the neckline before initialization is significantly deeper, as if wearing an obvious neckband.

At this time, the use of injection wrinkle removal technology can most effectively smoothen deepened wrinkles.

  Some injection materials that supplement collagen to achieve wrinkle-removing effects are injected into the anterior neck lines through injection, so that collagen immediately functions and fills wrinkles.

However, it takes 1?
3 months, but experts remind that when there is inflammation in the injection area, it can be injected only after being cured; people with severe heart and lung diseases and autoimmune diseases cannot receive injections; within one week, they must wash their facesAvoid the injection area, do not do mask skin care, do not eat irritating food; allergic to lidocaine, penicillin, people who are using immunosuppressants and those with allergic diseases can not use.