What is Yin Yoga?

What is Yin Yoga?

Paul Grilley has popular yoga recognized in Europe and the United States that focuses on “power yoga” or Ashtanga yoga that combines strength and breathing. He thinks that kind of practice is too masculine and needs feminine elementsTo balance, so created a new school of Yin Yoga.

  The theory of Yin Yoga also says that Paul Grilley, based on a Westerner, found the principle of balance between yin and yang in China, combined with some human body structural viewpoints, to develop a set of theories.

In other words, he believes that after often practicing asanas that focus on strength training earlier, soothing movements are needed to lengthen our muscles and tendons so that the body will not be overly muscular and less soft; only movements,Less time for contact with the heart.

  Therefore, the moves he designed are not difficult, such as: butterfly style, front splits.

These are not “heavyweight” moves for people who often practice asanas.

However, it is difficult: each action stays for about 5 minutes.

In fact, every action is made one after another under the condition of stretching and staying.

  Paul Grillry believes that in addition to breathing, there is also a principle to do Yin yoga, that is, the lower body should be extended, and the upper body should have a little muscle exercise.

Because he believes that most people’s leg movements are only for walking, running or muscle training, and they don’t stretch enough, so they need to stretch more.

But for balance, the upper body needs to practice some muscles.

  Differences between East and West Paul Grilley’s theory is mainly designed for Westerners who like to practice muscles.

They even do yoga and they like Ashtanga Yoga or strength yoga, which has a feeling of strength training.

Therefore, they need to use the method of stretching to achieve balance.

  Yoga has a strong emphasis on stretching asanas, so you will feel that Yin Yoga is very familiar with these moves.

If your past posture is already recognized as soft, you don’t need to practice yin yoga anymore, because it will overstretch our muscles and connective tissue.

  But if you have been focusing on practice recently, you can use Yin Yoga method to extend the muscles and tendons that you usually do not notice.

However, its extension time is very long, so please don’t stay at your own maximum limit, for example: please don’t cut to the maximum angle when splitting your legs, but be conservative, take back some so that you don’tExcessive and hurt. Like Paul Grilley said, only when yin and yang reach a balance can we be in harmony and bring ourselves to a more joyful level.

Isn’t it?