The main lungs in the autumn, raising the lungs and seven sputum, at this time to raise the lungs, the best effect!

The main lungs in the autumn, raising the lungs and seven sputum, at this time to raise the lungs, the best effect!

After the autumn, the autumn atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger, and autumn is a good time to raise the lungs: “Nei Jing” said: the main liver of the spring, the main heart of the summer, the main lung of autumn, the autumn is dominated by the lungs, at this time raise the lungs, the rolethe best!

Moreover, the climate of autumn is characterized by dry air and dryness. Health care should also pay more attention to raising lungs and moistening the lungs.

In addition, a large number of clinical data have found that the lung is the most delicate organ of the human body. It is easily damaged by internal and external factors and is the most vulnerable line of defense for the human body.

In the fall, raise your lungs and raise your body so that you don’t get sick all autumn!

How should we protect the “sweet” lungs in our lives?

The nine sentences of the authoritative experts are collected and immediately collected!

The best time to raise lungs is the best time to raise lungs from 7 am to 9 am.

At this time, the lung function is the strongest. It is best to perform aerobic exercise such as jogging at this time, which can strengthen the lung function.

During the year, the best lung-raising season is autumn, from autumn to winter.

The amount of hydration should be more, and it is necessary to ensure that the drinking water is 2000 ml per day to ensure the lubrication of the lungs and respiratory tract, so that the lungs are safe.

The cheapest way to raise lungs: There are many ways to laugh and raise the lungs. “Laughing” may be the most “cheap” and effective.

Chinese medicine has a saying of “always laughing Xuanfei”.

Eat more white food: Ziyin Yangfei Chinese medicine believes that white into the lungs is good for nourishing the lungs.

The most suitable lung food in autumn, such as lotus root, yam, lily, etc., has a strong effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs.

Lotus root: raw food can clear the heat and lungs, cooked to nourish Yin and fill the lungs.

Yam: contains saponin, mucus, lubricated, moisturizing effect, can benefit lung, raise lung yin, benefit lung and cough.

Lily: Qingxin Runfei, nourishing Yin and Ningshen, can relieve heart palpitations, irritability and insomnia.

Tremella: sweet and light, flat, return to the lungs, stomach, has the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, nourishing the stomach and promoting fluid.

Radish: raw food can clear lung heat, stop coughing, cooked to eat lungs and phlegm.

Two kinds of breathing methods: regular exercise can clear the lungs and moderate breathing action helps clear the lungs.

The following are two relatively simple and effective breathing methods, people who are interested can not try: (abdominal breathing diagram) 1, abdominal breathing method: stretch your arms, try to expand, and then use the abdomen to breathe, thisThe purpose of the breathing mode is to increase lung capacity, especially for the recovery of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema.

2, lip breathing method: quickly breathe a breath, exhale when slowly whistling like a whistle, the purpose is to let the air stay in the lungs for a longer time, so that the lungs gas exchange is more adequate, bronchitisPatients can do it often.

The above breathing method is best practiced one after another every morning and evening, and the number of each group can be measured.

Massage two acupuncture points: protect the lungs and raise the lungs 1, the Feifeishu points, the lungs and the points are located in the back of the human body, under the spinous process of the third thoracic vertebrae, and the left and right sides are widened.

The lungs in this acupoint should be transferred to the lungs and infused locally. It is an important acupoint for the treatment of lung diseases.

Method: Hold the hollow fist in both hands, gently buckle the adjacent Feishu points a few times, and raise the palm of your hand from the cheekbone from bottom to top for 10 minutes.

In addition to massage, the use of Aizhu moxibustion of this point also has the same effect.

2, according to Yingxiang point method: rub the outside of the thumb of the two hands, after a thermal sensation, use the outside of the thumb along the bridge of the nose, massage the sides of the nose up and down 60 times, and then massage the Yingxiang point on both sides of the nose 20 times (locatedAt the junction of the nasolabial folds and the nose, every morning and night, each mutation is made.

Adhere to the movement: Jianfei autumn main collection, so it should be appropriate to exercise when exercising.

For example, can I have dinner 1 per day?
After 2 hours, go slowly 10?
15 minutes, then find a quiet environment, relatively open place, stand and relax, the eyes slowly look forward, feet and shoulder width, palms and palms up, put about 3 cm under the navelThe position, abdomen when inhaling, then slowly exhale and relax.

Practice for half an hour, it is very helpful for Jianfei.

Drink plenty of water, talk less: protect the lungs and heart. Professor Li Yuehua from the Xiyuan Hospital Geriatrics Center of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences explained that the autumn weather is dry and the external evils are mainly “dry”. The elderly are prone to dry skin, dry nose and dry lips., headache, dry cough, cold hands and feet, or dry stools and other symptoms, so drink warm water, 1-2 liters a day.

Less talk is to protect the lungs and converge on the lungs.

Autumn is dominated by the lungs, at this time raising the lungs, the best effect!
This lungs have been raised this fall, and the whole body can follow suit. I don’t get sick all autumn!