Tips to ease participation fatigue

Tips to ease participation fatigue

In the interview with the Health Times reporter, Miao Rongsheng, the doctor of the resident medical group of the CPPCC medical team and the director of the emergency department of the Peking University People’s Hospital, said that in order to ensure the health of the representatives and members, the medical team must fully understand the physical condition of the body.For comrades with related diseases, blood pressure should be regularly checked and asked if they have headaches, nausea, and unclear vision.

  How to make delegates and committee members work easily and reduce the fatigue of participation?

Dr. Miao put forward some effective tips for serving representatives and members. After many participations, especially the older people are stiffer. When you leave the seat, you should get up slowly, leave the venue slowly, and then slowlyReturn to normal pace.

Make proper use of the fitness facilities provided by the station for proper exercise, swim for half an hour a day, walk on the walking machine, use the massager to give a moderate massage and so on.

Pay attention to the changes in your physical condition at all times. When you are not participating in the discussion, you can meet your friends and talk about more relaxed topics, which can relax your nervous spirit and mood.

If you can, you can listen to relaxing and soothing music, which can properly divert the high attention to one thing and relax.

You can do acupoint reduction yourself by using the short rest period during the meeting.

For example, scraping the eyes and rubbing the temples to alleviate the symptoms of dizziness; stepping down 3 inches, the Zusanli point at the horizontal finger on the lateral side of the upper bone can prevent leg numbness and promote the recovery of digestive function; use the index fingertips andNail stabbing the midline position of thumb flexion can relieve headache and eye pain symptoms.

As a result of sitting in a sitting position for a long time, the digestion speed will become slower and slower for the elderly who have already suffered a decline in gastrointestinal function.It is equivalent to doing a “fitness” exercise for the stomach and intestines, so that the slow digestive function is activated.

Delegates are advised that members only eat 70% of their meals. After eating, they should also slowly stand up and walk back slowly to the room.

  Dr. Miao also wanted to tell delegates, members: Because the hotel room is not well ventilated, when you return to the room, you should pay attention to opening the window to ventilate and change the air.

No matter how busy the meeting is, you should take time to exercise, especially those who are usually used to exercise, don’t interrupt the meeting.

People with chronic diseases must not be disturbed by the rhythm of participation, remember to take medicine on time.

If you feel uncomfortable, explain it to your doctor in time.

  Miao Rongsheng told reporters that in fact, not only during the “two sessions”, but also in ordinary times, constant meetings are also very common for older comrades.

Therefore, in accordance with the above recommendations, it is necessary and easy to master some effective health care skills to calmly cope with tension and not be overwhelmed by the fatigue of the meeting.