Will the love of the three men last?

Will the love between the three men last?

Three men fall in love?

Many people may not understand!

Maybe it’s abnormal?

Maybe it’s sick?

But as comrades, we are acceptable.

  This way of dating is trendy.

As far as I know!

Three people are in love, but no one knows how it turned out!

To borrow a passage from them: Many people do not understand how to say “three-comrade family” in English. In fact, it is difficult for me to explain it. I can only simply say that “three comrades live together”.

But I understand very well what is the purpose of the trio’s family?

  Three comrades live for the love of a lifetime!

  I have seen more and experienced more comrades’ divisions. We no longer have the energy to appreciate such instability.

Many comrades, like me, must be thinking about how to preserve our love for a long time!

The answer is not yes.

So too many comrades no longer have fantasies about long-term relationships.

So this “comrade feeling” was once considered to be the purest and most sincere feeling that has been put to the test.

  Many people ask me, can the lives of three people be stable?

  Actually, I don’t know, I just hope that this is a way to make love last longer.

Because “the triangle is the most stable of all the upper floors.”

It is rare for three people to be inconsistent about the same issue.

It is hoped that through such a “structural force”, three people will be bitten together.

  Many people still ask me, aren’t three people jealous?

  I don’t know, there must be jealousy.

I had a puppy with my original lover, and we were really happy when we took care of the puppy together.

So what I want to say is that the three comrades are lovers of each other, and love will only be a little bit more.

  Three men are in love, I feel very real, nothing bad!

If I have the chance, I may accept it too!

In fact, their original intention is one: they want long-lasting love!

  When three men fall in love, there are advantages to it, and there are disadvantages to it!

Everything has two sides, and strives to overcome shortcomings.

I think you will last long!

I believe you!

bless all of you!