Harmony of mind and body, this is the charm of yoga

Harmony of mind and body, this is the charm of yoga

Yoga is by no means the same as general fitness.

It is a philosophy of life that advocates “physical unity”. It can not only get the coordination and health of all aspects of the body’s functions, but the higher level is to cultivate people’s good mindset of peace, calmness, and objectiveness.A state of mental health.

This is a major feature that other fitness sports cannot reach.

  To some extent, the harmony between body and mind advocated by yoga has its scientific basis.

The practice of yoga can be divided into 8 stages, also called 8 branches, namely: restraint; commandments; posture and posture; breath control; control of senses; introspection; meditation;

All of this is to adjust the functions of all aspects of physical exercise, make it coordinated, healthy and balanced.

  The practice of posture and body position in yoga is a deep and subdivided exercise. It slowly stimulates the body’s muscles, nerves, endocrine system and digestive system, and improves blood circulation and hormone secretion.Eliminate waste from the body.

Continued exercises can enhance the flexibility of the body, make the body lines slender and even, and increase the sensitivity of the limbs.

And through exercises such as breathing and meditation, you can calm your nerves, calm your mind, make your mind broad, calm and calm, and not be surprised.

  Such a fitness method that can give the body and the mind a dual exercise, does not need to assist any fitness equipment, and is not limited by the venue like other fitness items such as ball and swimming.

But practicing yoga and taking out every other day for asana training or meditation, the mind of yoga will transform all aspects of your life.

For example, choose a quiet and natural life rhythm, light diet, soothing music, cheerful and peaceful mood, etc.

  In terms of diet, yoga promotes a healthy and controlled diet. It believes that diet fundamentally affects the body and has an important impact on the mind and spirit.

Yoga divides foods into 3 types, inert foods, pleasing foods and denatured foods.

Inert foods are foods that are prone to slow speed, illness, and mental retardation. Such foods are harmful to the mind and are not good for the body, including greasy and fried foods, especially meat.

  Pleasant foods are rich in nutrients, rarely add spices and seasonings, and are simple to cook. Consuming these foods can cultivate noble sentiments, make the body healthy, pure, and burnt, make the mind peaceful and happy, good for the body and mind, including everything fresh, Delicious vegetables, fruits, rarely vegetarian foods, cereals and legumes, milk.

  Denatured foods are foods that can provide energy and are good for the body but not good for the mind. Frequent use of foods can cause physiological impatience, such as foods with excessive taste.

From the point of view of food ingredients, Yue food contains a lot of natural proteins and vitamins, which is a healthy diet.

  In addition to these, the important principles of the yoga diet include: promoting a vegetarian and balanced diet, eating fresh vegetables and fruits and nuts every day; not overeating, chewing slowly, eating 80% full, and drinking plenty of water every day,Water cleans the body of toxins produced throughout the day and prevents premature aging.

  Therefore, the modern person who chooses yoga also chooses a healthy and green lifestyle.

This may be the root cause of the popularity of yoga around the world.