Six actions before bed to make you sleep well

Six actions before bed to make you sleep well

Poor sleep is a problem faced by many urban people, but taking sleeping pills is not a long-term solution after all. It is better to learn Japanese fortune.

This simple gymnastics designed by the University of Ryukyu, Japan and the National Psychiatric Center of Japan, combines abdominal breathing and body parts, which is very helpful for improving sleep.
In the first section, move the neck: Lean your head forward until you feel a tight muscle, for 10 seconds.

Do it once before, after, and after.

  In the second quarter, stimulate and move the hip muscles: slowly raise your shoulders, then suddenly relax, return to the original position, and repeat this 10 times.

  The third quarter, chest expansion fractures: hands are held behind each other, reducing the chest expansion for 10 seconds.

  The fourth quarter, pressing the palm: hands flat on the chest.

Inhale, apply force to the middle when exhaling, repeat 10 times.

  In the fifth quarter, stretch the back: Grasp the same side of the chair with both hands, slowly twist the upper body for 10 seconds, and do it again in the opposite direction.

  In the sixth quarter, bend the toes and stimulate the brain: straighten your feet forward, lift them up, bend your toes toward the center of your feet, then suddenly relax, repeat 10 times.