Getting rid of gym phobia

Getting rid of gym phobia

The benefits that exercise brings you are not a little bit. Of course, it is not just a swinging hand. Kicks and legs can work.

Regardless of your expectations for weight loss or increased muscle strength brought by exercise, you must first understand the nature of exercise and your own needs, and then continue to achieve the desired results.

The same goes for entering the gym.

  Most women’s inexplicable fear of gyms convening is mostly because they don’t understand how to use fitness equipment and the nature and effectiveness of various sports.

Of course, the lack of exercise cells from childhood has also been a big obstacle. The news of the “massage coach Ma Huaying’s early death” in the media may not prevent you from entering the gym.

  Fitness instructor Ma Huaying died early-have problems with aerobics?

  The cause of her death has been rumored. When the “mystery of weight-loss pills” and “the suspense of crickets” were unraveled one by one, the people in the fitness circle finally breathed a sigh of relief, so that the event could come to an end.

However, the “MCA Incident” has not ended, and its second wave, which has a deeper and wider impact on the domestic fitness industry, has quietly struck-“Aerobics has passed its heyday” unexpectedly.

  ”Actually, I think jumping aerobics is good for human health, and even some problems are personal.

“Ms. Wang, who has been doing aerobics for a year, told reporters,” Some people are doing gymnastic exercises too quickly, and sometimes it ‘s almost summer, and girls rush to the gym in order to wear skirts.Reduced to thin.

This is unrealistic in itself. You usually do n’t like to exercise, and the amount of exercise is small, and you increase the intensity all of a sudden. In addition, you do n’t do enough preparation activities. When it does n’t hurt, it ‘s strange.

Coach Baosu, a graduate of Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, told reporters that what is important about jumping aerobics is “seat right”.

There are many types of aerobics, which are roughly divided into three levels: low impact, medium impact and high impact.Perform exercises.

Dynamic, fast-paced aerobics such as boxing, Latin, and hip-hop are more suitable for energetic young people to dance.

  I play small without sports cells-got mocked in the gym?

  Do you always envy men and women who exercise in front of the transparent floor-to-ceiling windows of the fitness club?

They bring you a lot of imagination, some smiling Handsome coaches, beautiful Beauty girls, as well as dynamic, exciting music and rolling heat waves.

  But you have n’t liked physical education since you were a kid. You never passed the shot put test. You almost fell off the equipment on the parallel bars. Volleyball never went to the net.

  Now there are some sports that are very suitable for your typical “sports blindness”.

This kind of gym’s fitness equipment is mainly aerobic exercise and simple cardio training. Most of them are equipped with swimming pools, which are warm for men and women.

There is no doubt that you cannot be left behind in the face of the raging fitness heat.

Now that everyone has leisure, friends and mindsets come here for fitness, who cares about your clumsy moves?

Besides, there are professional fitness instructors on the side!

  If your expectation for fitness is to find a beautiful space for temporary relaxation and beauty treatments in addition to active bones, then consider a gym with both fitness and beauty services.

In addition to providing general cardio training and strength training equipment, these gyms also set up beauty centers. Professional beauticians provide care to customers, including shiatsu and aromatherapy sessions, which can fully meet the needs of modern urban women.

Now, can’t you say that the fashion of fitness is not attractive to you?

  Female members can’t do machine exercises, otherwise they will grow strong muscles like men?

  This is very wrong.

Because no matter how female members exercise, it is impossible to grow large muscle masses. Long muscles must have male hormones that stimulate muscle formation, and women’s ability to secrete this hormone is only 1/20 of that of men, so we will find a dailyThe muscles of fitness women are still not as muscular as those of men who rarely exercise.

Therefore, those women who are afraid of the equipment should be able to practice the equipment with confidence and boldness.

  In this case, can I still lose weight?

As far as the weight loss effect that you are most concerned, the energy consumption is holistic, not local. Weight loss is always systemic, and shaping is part of shaping the body.

So, can local exercise reduce local juveniles?

The answer is impossible.

First, local exercise consumes less total energy, is susceptible to fatigue, and cannot last.

In fact, the exception of energy supply is controlled by the regulation of the nervous and endocrine systems, but this regulation is systemic, not the part of the excess aunt that can be subtracted from practicing this part, but the blood supply conditions are good there, which is beneficialConsumption by adults, where you can lose weight.

  To get a good weight loss effect, you must have a weight loss heart rate during exercise, which is 60% -70% of the maximum heart rate, and the maximum heart rate = 220-age.

For friends who exercise to lose weight, it is enough to get close to losing heart rate during exercise. Such exercise intensity can not only achieve the effect of weight loss, but also have an effect on enhancing the kinetic energy of the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system.