One tomato a day to stay away from heart disease

One tomato a day to stay away from heart disease

A new study shows that a tomato a day keeps families away from heart disease and cancer.

  Onions and apples are old stalks. The hot fruits and vegetables are tomatoes.

Research by British scientists has found that the newly developed tomato pills can improve cardiovascular function, which proves once again that the ancient Mediterranean diet is good for health.

  The pill contains natural antioxidant lycopene, which is 10 times more effective than Vitamin E, which is also the main element that causes tomato redness.

Lycopene has always been considered a powerful weapon against diseases such as tumors, cardiovascular disease and cancer, and this has now been strongly proven-the 76 patients who participated in the study began to have enhanced cardiovascular function.

  Joseph Cheriyan, an associate lecturer and head of research at the University of Cambridge, explained: “Lycopene is the most effective antioxidant.

Relevant biological evidence and epidemiological data show that in Europe, the dietary habits of some people with lycopene have changed the mortality of cardiovascular disease to some extent.


Cheriyan’s research team used placebo pills as a control test to test the efficacy of tomato slices, and divided them into two randomized groups of 36 patients with heart disease and 36 healthy volunteers.

This is a double-blind test. Basically, neither the doctor nor the testee knows who has received the treatment.

  53% of the patients who were initially diagnosed with heart disease had their blood vessels dilated compared with those taking placebo pills after taking tomato tablets, and the angel halo of lycopene became brighter.

Cardiovascular constriction is the leading cause of stroke and heart attack, so the results of this study are also fatal to the development of treatments for the epidemic that currently causes 25% of deaths in the United States.


Cheriyan and his team believe that supplementation works by enhancing the function of vascular endothelial cells.

  Each pill contains 7 mg of antioxidants, which is equivalent to about a few lycopenes in fresh tomatoes, but the efficacy of lycopene can also be obtained under the catalysis of tomato sauce, olive oil, or when eating tomato saucefully use.

Antioxidants are also found in fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, almonds and pink grapefruit.

  Jeremy Pearson, deputy director of medicine of the British Cardiovascular Foundation, said: “Impaired vascular endothelial function indicates an increase in risk and risk. We need to be clear that the beneficial results found in this small study at presentWhether it can be applied to future clinical medical treatment and rescue high-risk patients.

“And Dr.

Cheriyan found that the study was full of confidence. “We have clearly shown you the effectiveness of lycopene in improving vascular function in patients with cardiovascular disease.

“But it is true that although lycopene has many benefits for human health, tomato slices cannot replace other treatments, but if combined with other drugs, the effect must be excellent.

Hope this medicine will eventually become an option for treating heart disease, but Dr.

Cheriyan made it clear: “We also need to conduct a lot of experiments to investigate the results with more caution.