Experts suggest five cosmetics topical during pregnancy

Experts suggest five cosmetics topical during pregnancy

First, freckle cream According to the Chinese Consumers Association’s sampling surveys of beauty and freckle products in Beijing and Shenzhen, it was found that the mercury content in all samples was seriously exceeded, and 60% of the samples exceeded the mercury content.

Mercury is a heavy metal that is harmful to human health.

The whitening and freckle effect of these products are temporary. Once the cosmetics are stopped, the spots will be repeated and the damage to the skin will be great. The long-term use of mercury-containing cosmetics will also seriously harm the nerves, digestive tract and urinary system of the human body.
  Experts warn: when women are pregnant, due to changes in hormones and endocrine in the body, the pigment on the skin spots will deepen or grow spots, so it is recommended that Ms. Tu do not use freckle products during this period.

After the child is born, it is not too late to use the hormone secretion in the body.

Moreover, the replacement of freckle products must also depend on whether the packaging has been supplemented with a special-use cosmetic sanitary approval number, which is a management measure adopted by the state to protect the cosmetics’ health of consumers.

For those freckle cosmetics that have the word “freckle” in the name of the product, or that the freckle function is indicated in the instruction manual, and that is not marked with this symbol, the oversize can be regarded as an unqualified product.

  Second, hair dyes According to surveys by foreign medical experts, hair dyes can further cause skin cancer, and subsequently cause pregnancy, leading to deformities.

  Experts warn: Experts have heard that a woman who has been working in a barber shop for many times has a habitual abortion.

After investigating the cause, it was found that the hair dye caused the trouble.

Therefore, for the health of the baby, pregnant women should not use hair dye.

  Third, perfume artificial musk scent is widely used in cosmetics and perfumes as a substitute for high-grade perfume musk scent, but it has substitutes such as endocrine disruption. A Japanese research team recently reminded pregnant women or lactating women of the dangers of annotation.

A research team of researchers from several Japanese universities has announced that they have detected artificial musk residues in breast milk and aunt tissues for the first time.

Artificial musk has alternatives such as disturbing endocrine and affecting the normal functioning of biological hormones.

  Experts warn: fetuses and babies are susceptible to chemicals and cause various diseases. Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding should use perfume products with caution.

  Fourth, cold ironing According to many years of research by French medical experts, after pregnancy, not only the hair is very fragile, but it is also easy to replace.

If you use chemical cold perm to perm, it will worsen hair sagging.

  Experts warn: chemical cold wave essence will affect the normal growth and development of pregnant women, a few women will have allergic reactions.

Therefore, pregnant women should not use chemical cold perm.

  Fifth, lipstick Lipstick is composed of various oils, waxes, pigments and spices.

Among them, lanolin is usually used as fat. In addition to lanolin, it can adsorb various trace metals that are harmful to the human body in the air. It can also adsorb toxins into the body and has a certain permeability.

  Experts remind you that after pregnant women absorb lipstick, some harmful substances in the air will be easily absorbed on the lips and inserted into saliva to invade the body, causing the fetus in the belly of the pregnant woman to be harmed.

In view of this, pregnant women are best not to apply lipstick, especially not to apply lipstick for a long time.